The Queers - Live Philly 06' ( Deluxe DVD / CD ) or ( Deluxe CD ) FB042 / FB043

The legendary Queers kicked it off live in the winter of 2OO6 at one of Philadelphia's faves, The North Star. Joe and companyripped through a blazing set as the drunken rowdy crowd screamed for more! This DVD/CD combo features the ultra HQ multichannel board audio, mixed and mastered by Philly Punk Rock Recording Icon Arik Victor of Creep Records. The DVD features a 3 camera professionally shot and edited 33 track set! Pull up a screen and time travel front row style!

Track Listing:

l. No Tit
2. Brush Your Teeth
3. Nothing To Do
4. Gets Up On It
5. Night Of The Living Queers
6. There Is An Easy Way
7. My Old Man Is A Fatso
8. Everything Is Ok
9. Get A Life And Live It
lO. See You Later Fuckface
ll. Like A Parasite
L2. I Met Her At the Rat
l3. Philly Intro
l4. Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
l5. I Was A Teenage Bonehead
l6. Noodle Brain
l7. I Will Be With You
l8. Hi Mom It’s Me
l9. Granola Head / Another Girl
2O. I Only Drink Bud
2l. Trouble
22. I Hate Everything
23. Kicked Out Of The Weebalos
24. Monster Zero
25. You Suck
26. When You Try So Hard
27. All Screwed Up
28. Debra Jean
29. Born To Do Dishes
3O. Feeling Groovy
3l. Punk Rock Girls
32. Fuck the World

Bonus Tracks / CD only:

33. This Place Sucks
34. Don’t Back Down
35. I Live This Life
36. Slug