Uncle Hunter and The Buffalo / The Get Together - Split CD UWR041

Uncle Hunter and The Buffalo emerge from the static and noise of a crowded party hangover playing a stripped down melody that takes us back to the origins of the pre-party. Lead by one of the most recognizable voices of the 90's emo wave, Andrew Low of the Jazz June trades in the amplifier for an acoustic trip through his sketchbook mind backed by a long time friend that adds texture and experimental sounds. Think the Shins meets Neutral Milk Hotel in a simpler indie lo-fi context. The Get Together shines a light directly on the unique and eclectic vibe of the mountain time city of Denver. Opening the door to a distinct midwest punk / blues story, the arch is executed with precision reminding us why we loved Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros or The Crumbs.

Track Listing:

1. Count Me Out - Uncle Hunter and The Buffalo
2. Crazy Eyes - Uncle Hunter and The Buffalo
3. Landslide - Uncle Hunter and The Buffalo
4. Fight - Uncle Hunter and The Buffalo
5. Static - Uncle Hunter and The Buffalo
6. Everything Falls Apart - The Get Together
7. Primer Grey - The Get Together
8. Let It Out - The Get Together
9. Silver Knife - The Get Together
10. Sea Of Tranquility - The Get Together

In the spirit of celebrating our 15 year anniversary and Andrew Lows 20 years of music excellence we are offering a special package for a limited time that includes all of his following releases since 1996, plus as a bonus UW's first and second release The Warning Compilation ( featuring rare Jazz June tracks ) and the Manalive! debut album ( members of The Get Together / vocals and drums )

Bonus Buy Includes:

1. The Jazz June - The Boom The Motion and The Music (cd)
2. The Jazz June - They Love Those Who Make The Music (cd)
3. The Jazz June - Breakdance Suburbia (cd)
4. The Jazz June - The Medicine (cd)
5. The Jazz June - Better Off Without Air (cd)
6. The Jazz June - The Scars To Prove It (cd+dvd)
7. Snakes and Music - Truisms (cd)
8. Snakes and Music - Isabelle (cd)
9. Universal Warning Records - The Warning Compilation (cd)
10. Manalive! - Heart Hands and Mind (cd)