Digital Distribution

If you own or represent the musical recordings of a cd or a whole catalog of cd's, and you would like the content available digitally.. we are happy to help. UW is connected with the worlds largest digital aggregator and are able to get your content up and available worldwide in the matter of days on such services as Itunes and Spotify. This service is easily the most comprehensive out there and is superior to self distribution. UW reports and pays monthly to artists or labels that generate more than $100 a month in revenue, and quarterly to smaller one off style projects. We use a one page agreement, and make things simple from the start. Set up fee per title is $15.00, if UPC is needed set up fee is $20.00 with a 15% distribution fee. For labels with larger catalogs we are willing to negotiate waiving some of these fees. If this service is something that sounds like a good fit, please send us a message through the contact page we will be in touch within a day.