Wisdom In Chains - "Die For Us Live" - DVD


P.A. HardCore super group, featuring ex-members of Out To Win, and Mushmouth.. Bring it to the stage in live and ravenous sold out home Town show. 14 tracks plus interviews - Die for us Live Is a must have for any hard core fan. Witness why WIC Has risen up the ranks so quickly and has practically stolen the crown of being the hottest Hard core band on the East Coast.

Track Listing:

1. One Of Those Days
2. No Where
3. Smash Your Face
4. Pass The Cup
5. Fighting In The Streets
6. Game Of War
7. Friday Night Drama
8. Die Young
9. Dragging Me Down
10. BFL Anthem
11. We're Not Helping
12. Coward
13. Snakes
14. Fade