House Of Fire - "S/T" - CD

House Of Fire has been cited as the next great psychedelic band that you don't yet know.. And until now, this has been mostly true. Genius takes time, as the scholars have written - but what Issaac Betesh and House Of Fire have written, is something beyond what scholars could have dreamed. Yes friends, HOF's long awaited debut has officially arrived. If interwoven melodies that beckon neon scattered sunsets, and bitter but sticky sweet vocal harmonies that dance in patterns before yours eyes, are something you have a taste for, then don't hesitate to get on this bus. Taking 3 parts 60's rock/pop and 1 part shoegaze/brit pop HOF's sound burns so brightly that only a mirror would satisfy their glow. - For fans of Brian Jones Town Massacre, Ride, early work from the Byrds and Velvet Underground just to name a few.

Track Listing:

1. The Apple and the Blade
2. Rain
3. Number Two
4. Walking Along Sun
5. Don't Go To Hell Without Me
6. Lazy
7. Long Goodbyes
8. Twelve Stars
9. Hope Has Gone Out