Break Anchor / Holiday Bodybag - "Ashtray" - 7" Vinyl


Jay Navarro of the Suicide Machines sets the stage for this unique release with his current band Break Anchor. Opening new doors on old sounds the band flirts with a mid 90’s alt punk sound mixed with the late 90’s Chicago punk scene. Having been working the circuit the past year and half with releases under Side One Dummy, Paper and Plastic and Underground Communiqué the band takes another outing this time for a concept style split 7 with Philly burbs Universal Warning Records. Sharing the B side is the labels house band Holiday Bodybag who has a thick mid 90’s east coast / philly post hardcore punk sound. Each band opens a side of the record with an original then pay tribute to the one and only Jawbreaker. Break Anchor holds nothing back on iconic track Boxcar, while Holiday Bodybag brings awareness to the rare jewel Sluttering May 4th. Special cover art features a board style drinking game on the interior! Limited color vinyl: 100 trans orange / 100 trans red / 100 white / 100 coke bottle clear / 100 glow in the dark