Fifty Caliber Kiss

a wise man once said......fifty caliber kiss was invented in the early part of 5 billion bc, by a race of metal people known as, say it with me "robots." the plan was, in effect, create five super-human beings, powerful enough to deliver the most horrifyingly evil music the universe had ever heard. it would not be an easy task. the galaxy was at war and tungsten alloy was heavily taxed(its been said this is what the bands bones are made of) and it was difficult for robots to build anything but other robots, because they have metal claws instead of hands, and, well you see where im goin with this. anyway, eventually the robots were sucessful and fifty caliber kiss was born. they set off across the galaxy in search of a venue suitable for the largest concert the history and/or future of the cosmos. they decided on earth, because they always had fun in st louis. the stage was set for revolution. a metal revolution, one that would play out for the history of eternity.