Welcome to Universal Warning Records on-line! We are an independent record label and production company featuring various ala' cart services ranging from audio and video production, to digital and physical distribution as well as print work for audio packaging. Music is our first love and we work with a broad net-work of regional and national artists. Below are some recent projects we either put out or are developing. Please drop us a line with any questions or check out the various links for more information and pricing on products and projects.

Pulling Punches - " Bomb Psychology "
Promotional music video for forthcoming debut album " Former Friends " available April 19th 2014 right here from yours truly. Waving a dynamic post hard core flag, Philadelphia's Pulling Punches works tirelessly in the regional scene spreading their word and vision with a raucous stage show and forward thinking lyrical narratives. Former Friends, brings back memories of late 90's and millennial break outs Like Thrice or AFI. Live footage Shot on Canon 60d's and 7d's - Filmed, Produced and Edited by Universal Warning Records.

Vehement Serenade - " Refuse The Lie "
Karl Buechner from Earth Crisis opens it up on the debut video from his new hard-core super group Vehement Serenade. Set to the back drop in the urban ruins of Detroit, devlish images come to life that parallel Karl's lyrics. Universal Warning worked closely with producers Mike Cools and Jamin Hunt as they used an independent video crew in Detroit to capture the raw footage. Universal Warning picked up the ball with editing and post, polishing the producers vision. Enjoy!

Break Anchor - "Ashtray" Split 7"

Jay Navarro of the Suicide Machines ignites yet another release with his new band

and this concept style split on limited color vinyl. Features rare Jawbreaker covers.